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Hospitality Industry


Agung Jaya Amertha helps hospitality companies do business in Bali: providing customer, technology, marketing and treasury services.

Beautiful Balinese values and warm hospitality underpin every interaction we have with AJA Bali.

Alastair LoxtonMinistry of Villas

Customer Service

Answering email and telephone enquiries

Digital Marketing

Creating content and telling stories with impact

Technology Training

Installing and training teams on the latest technology

Treasury Service

Settling local bills to reduce transaction costs

Core values are deeply held beliefs that authentically describe your soul.

We promise to always be truthful. This is the foundation of trust and allows us to build strong relationships with customers, business partners and our community.

Good relationships are built when people work together to accomplish a shared goal. We view our work as an exercise in working with everyone involved with the task at hand.
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Our Work

An exceptionally talented team, at your service

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Fast Turnaround

We are super organized with our time and schedule every task in advance

Laser Focus

Attention to detail matters: little things add up to become big things


We keep up with the latest technology and explain things in plain English

Brand Champions

We follow brand guidelines to the letter and keep the promises we make

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